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Music Company

The Music Company will be instrumental in creating market interaction, responsive advertising and increasing market share as we clamor for SweetPEA customers and MJ Kids (Michael's Army) members. The music will inspire and edify and will largely be made up of contemporary (and international) forms of music that have lyrics and a sound in line with HTWF's purposes; i.e., character improvement and service to others.

What products or services are marketed or sold?

Uplifting and International music. Use as background music for MJ Pictures films and documentaries and at HTWF events.

Who is our market?

The global market.

How does this initiative promote HTWF?

  • By providing clean music, multinational and cultural music that promotes virtue
  • Providing music and entertainment that bridges cultural and religious boundaries.
  • Music productions for all HTWF needs
  • Promoting all HTWF's aims and companies.
  • Music and production that edifies and lifts the person, and more emphasis on global injustices.

  • By challenging the current music forms that encourage antisocial behavior and leave people with a sense that doing what is wrong is somehow hip or cool
  • By edifying the public with music entertainment that consistently "improves" them, the economy and the world
  • By providing music that prioritizes around issues of real importance to mankind's survival and progress, rather than solely on what sells
  • Produce an effective medium to consistently glamorize TGOL and Michael's Army

Why will the public listen to and buy the music?

  • They will love the music, stories and information
  • They will know that the music saves lives in multiple ways
  • The music will be controversial at times
  • They want to support the movement to improve mankind
  • They are a member of sweetPEA and make money for buying and listening to HTWF music
  • They want to be edified
  • They want to grow in character

The following represent all the HTWF objectives that will be addressed with this ONE initiative:

  • Saves and improves lives
  • Promotes character progression
  • Increases public awareness and interest toward urgent global needs and issues
  • Galvanizes the public into action to serve their fellow man (i.e. food, money, time)
  • Glamorizes and validates our customers (MJ Kids), and encourages customer retention and increased dedication to our aims and profit performance.
  • Indirectly builds political power to change laws to improve the character of mankind (An army of like-minded, politically driven and educated voters)
  • Promotes HTWF and all her projects and aims
  • Promotes TGOL (videos, trading cards, ad specialties, body armor, etc.)

  • Educates and humanizes varying cultures, races, religions, and thereby fosters global unity.
  • Glamorizes righteousness and vilifies unrighteousness (and is unafraid of such quaint or outdated language)

  • Reduces global emergency problems
  • Reduces global problems
  • Reduces global crime
  • Reduces global poverty
  • Reduces global illiteracy
  • Reduces hunger
  • Reduces high mortality rates
  • Reduces homelessness
  • Reduces preventable diseases
  • Promotes economic self reliance
  • Aids in global human welfare needs
  • Supports global charities with immediate needs

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